Camping Alberta is a directory of campgrounds, equestrian campgrounds and group campgrounds in Alberta and Kananaskis Country. is a private directory of Alberta campgrounds, recreational activities, events and businesses situated in Kananaskis Country and the surrounding area. If you Plan to go camping in Alberta or you are looking for group campgrounds in Alberta or searching for equestrian campgrounds in Alberta congratulations you have found us.
Complete list of campgrounds covered on this site: Canyon Campground, Elkwood Campground, Boulton Creek Campground, Lower Lake Campground, Mount Sarrail Campground, Interlakes Campground, Lower Lake Group Campground, Pocaterra Group Campground, Cataract Creek Campground, Etherington Creek Campground, Etherington Creek Equestrian Campground, Green Ford Campground, Strawberry Campground, Strawberry Equestrian Campground, Etherington Creek Group Campground, Highwood Group Campground, Beaver Flat Campground, Gooseberry Campground, Little Elbow Campground, Little Elbow Equestrian Campground, McLean Creek Off-Highway Vehicle Campground, Paddy's Flat Campground, Paddy's Flat Group Campground, River Cove Group Campground, Sheep River Valley Campground, Fish Creek Campground, Mesa Butte Equestrian Campground, North Fork Campground, Blue Rock Campground, Blue Rock Equestrian Campground, Sandy McNabb Campground, Sandy McNabb Equestrian Campground, Mesa Butte Equestrian Campground, Sandy McNabb "A" Group Campground, Sandy McNabb "B" Group Campground, Spray Lakes West Campground and Buller Mountain Campground.
Featuring Highcountry Camping in Kananaskis Country.
Campgrounds, group camps and equestrian campgrounds in Alberta and Kananaskis Country.
Recreation and activities like Rainbow Riders Adventure Tours in Kananaskis Country.
Campgrounds, group campgrounds and equestrian campgrounds at Bow Valley Park Campgrounds.
Located 90 kilometres west of Calgary, Alberta, Kananaskis Country has long been world renowned for its spectacular mountain and foothill terrain, abundant wildflowers, bountiful wildlife, and the serene beauty of a truly unspoiled wilderness. Nestled at the 'Gateway to the Canadian Rockies' Kananaskis Country's 4,000 square kilometres of protected park offer something for everyone. Numerous campgrounds and group camp areas provide a homebase for a variety of recreational opportunities, local events and nearby attractions.

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